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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

Well since this week has mostly been about Impeachment in Current Events, that is what I shall discuss.  I am recording a little bit each day of the trial of Donald Trump for Caitlin and me to watch together.  But, I wanted to cover the other Impeachment Trials in USA History first.  There are two videos in the series, both about an hour-long.  We will be watching these tomorrow after we go check out a dog rescue to volunteer at. 

This is part of Civics and Government courses for homeschool high school purposes.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Travel on Tuesday: Virtual Tour of The Statue of Liberty

Hello, again!  This Summer we are going to NY to visit family and we decided to spend a night in NYC on the way up to our cabin.  There are 4 of us and with the limited time, I hope we can all agree as to what things to see and do.  If we decide not to visit the Statue of Liberty, Caitlin and I will view the video below.  It is a walking virtual tour of the Statue of Liberty.  There is no talking at least not in the first few minutes, except for people in the background.  There are so many cool places to visit in the USA, not to mention the rest of the world.  I could do a blog post every day just on this topic.

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If you have not heard yet Microsoft is no longer servicing Windows 7.  I have a dinosaur PC, ten years or more old, and of course, it has Windows 7 on it.  I looked at buying Windows 10 but it was almost as expensive as a new laptop.  So, I am working on getting 10 years worth of data and images off the dinosaur PC, so it can be moved to the grave.  This could take a while, lol.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wednesday A Week of Current Events

Well, for whatever reason the debate only recorded for 1 minute last night.  So, I had to adjust our day by watching clips and post-debate shows.  This was actually quite boring, lol.  I also had Caitlin follow the candidates on Facebook plus a few news organizations.  Each week she will have to go through her feed to see what topics they are all talking about and discuss with me.  The first primary votes are less than 3 weeks away.

Next week, and possibly longer, we will be recording and watching the Impeachment trial of President Trump.  I forgot to add one important event to the list below.  The whole Russian Government just resigned after President Putin attempted to make changes to the Constitution.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Travel on Tuesday: The Continents

Travel to all 7 Continents with BBC's new documentary on Jan 18, 2020.  See the trailer below for more information.  I will be recording this series to see if it will be useful to me for Geography next year.  If you have Directv Channel 264 is what you need.  Dish Network channel 135.  I love BBC so I am sure I will like this even if I can't use it for schooling.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

A Week of Current Events

I was supposed to have posted this yesterday, but I had it all ready and then I didn't hit publish.  So, it is a day late.

Use these topics to discuss the week's current events and how they affect our society.  You can approach it any way you see fit.  I try during discussions to not try to sway their way of thinking, especially politically.  It is much better in my opinion for them to make up their own minds on various current event topics.  Tuesday is the last Democratic Debate before primary voting begins.  I will be recording that and watching it with Caitlin on Wednesday.  Now is when the real fun begins, lol!  Tomorrow, I work so there will be no Fitness on Friday post.  I will sneak one in the following Friday.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Travel on Tuesday: Virtual Field Trip to Africa

Have I mentioned that I love PBS?  I love PBS.  This short video below will take you on a virtual field trip to Africa, and there are teaching materials to go along with it.  All of these Travel on Tuesday posts serve a dual purpose.  1- for your personal use and 2- for when we do Geography and World History.  You need to click the link to go to the website with the video and other teaching information.  I hope you and the kiddos enjoy!  Let me know what you think.

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Music On Monday

First off, Happy New Year!  I have been battling this cold.  I have kidney disease so I can't really take anything to make the symptoms better.  So, I just suffer from a cough which can be exhausting.  I am feeling much better now, though.  One of the things I absolutely love about homeschooling is the flexibility it affords me.  I have decided to take this week off as well since I didn't actually get anything accomplished.  I will just cut days from our spring break if I feel we need those days back.

Caitlin got a keyboard for Christmas a couple of years ago, and while she has played around with it I really would like her to learn something from it.  She now has an interest in a Ukelele, but right now that is not in the budget.  So, I will encourage learning the piano.  She also can sing quite well and I hope to get her to practice some singing lessons.  We love Youtube, use it all the time for all kinds of great resources.  Below, is a beginner lesson in learning to play the piano.  There are more in the series and you can just follow down the list.

DJ loves playing guitar and singing.  He is the leader of the Youth Praise Band.  I am hoping to foster her love of music a little more too.

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