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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Photography Challenge: Red

So, for last week's challenge, we both had to find something red.  I love taking pictures, so I can always think of something.  Caitlin, however, is a little more of a challenge.  I think she is the only teen girl that does not take a million photos a day with her phone.  We had a ton of rain this week, of course because we had family visiting, but it produced some lovely rainbows.  Then one of our resident Cardinals was on the front porch, in the rain, eating, and Caitlin found a ladybug in her room.  So, those are the 3 photos for this week honoring the color, red.  This week will be Orange. 
We are officially on Summer Vacation, and I have to start putting together a portfolio, and making sure I am prepared for next year.  The first Presidential Debates are at the end of June.  So, Caitlin and I will be watching, and discussing those, as part of her Civics and Government Class for grade 10.  Let the fun begin, lol!

Monday, June 3, 2019

10th Grade Language Arts Option

I have actually decided on my choice for 10th grade Language Arts, for Caitlin.  After much thought, it made much sense to me to have her prepare for the PERT, using the standards she would need to know.  The PERT does not really concentrate on her writing abilities, but rather on her ability to edit someone else's writing.  I think that is perfect for her at this point, and time.  Over the Summer she will do a short, one paragraph writing assignment, so that will give her lots of practice.  She did fair, with note taking this year.  Her studying could still use some improving, and techniques besides just looking at something and trying to remember it.  Below you will find the links we will be using for both Reading Comprehension, and Writing (Editing) for grade 10.  She actually reads quite a bit, not classical literature or anything, but stuff she is interested in.  So, I guess I won't quibble with that.  Our 9th grade school year is officially over.  She just has her History final Wednesday. Oh and our photography challenge for this week is the color red.    This one looks particularly good!  This one also was a top pick of mine.

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