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Monday, May 27, 2019

Photography Challenge: Small Backyard Creatures

We actually get lots of creatures in our yard, and over the years we have shared some of them.  It is fun to teach Science right from your own yard.  There are so many topics if you just look, and think about it.  Especially when my kids were young, this was a very easy way to teach Science.  Now that they are older, and one is in college now, I need a more structured Science curriculum.

For this week's challenge, Caitlin and I had to find a small creature in our back yard.  I found some snails, and she found this lizard.  She actually loves lizards, they don't like her taking their picture though.  She is quite good at catching them, and even had some for pets for many years.  Now that she has a cat in her room, that won't work so well. 

Oh, and Happy Memorial Day to all the men and women currently serving in the US Military.  We appreciate you!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Photography Challenge: Smile

So, this week the challenge was to take a selfie of yourself smiling.  Caitlin didn't quite achieve that as she hates taking selfies.  This next week the challenge is small backyard critters.  We are nearing the end of her 9th grade homeschool year.  I will be sharing my thoughts on the year, in a post that my evaluater uses in August.  I also will share choices for grade 10 on another day.  For Caitlin there isn't a whole lot of grading, as she could care less about a grade.  So, for her it will be completed, uncompleted, excellent, satisfactory, good, or needs improvement, along with a final grade of pass or fail.  I hate the needs improvement, because all things can always need improving, but without a grade, I have to have some option for a C grade.  Hopefully there won't be any C's, lol.  Over the Summer we will work on Writing, using short creative writing prompts.  Math and History, and tiny bit of French, are the only classes we are still actively completing. 

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