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Monday, February 4, 2019

No Internet and A Red Shouldered Hawk

This morning I woke up to no internet service. The whole area was out. So, I was going to go to the library, but they were out too. Grr. McDonald's has free Wifi, but it stinks, and I would feel obligated to buy something. Since I didn't want to do that, and almost all of our school is online in one way or another, I decided to do some different educating. We went for a 2 mile walk, usually we do a mile. Then we cleaned the garage, cleared out a bunch of junk, and did some yard work. But, I love it when a Science topic drops right in my lap. While doing yard work a Hawk appeared, in a yard where no one is living. It sat there for a while, and then we saw it swoop into another yard and grab something to eat. While we couldn't see what it was, I am assuming it was a lizard because of where it picked it up. Anyway, it let us get close enough to get a pretty good picture, before it flew away. After we did some research and found out it is a Red Shouldered Hawk. This will be a research and writing topic for the near future.

What Science can you find right in your own neighborhood?

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