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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Art Project #1 Grandma Moses

As I stated in my previous post, Caitlin and I will be doing Art together this year. Probably once a week, we will study an artist, and do a remake of one of their paintings, or paint in their style. I chose Grandma Moses, quite by accident. I came across it while searching for something else. I didn't even know Grandma Moses was an artist. I often wondered where the term came from. The painting below, by Grandma Moses, is Catching the Thanksgiving Turkey. She was a folk artist, painting the images of her time when she was growing up in NY. We will do a Fall, or Halloween setting, using her method of folk art. If you would like to learn about Grandma Moses,  The piece below, and more of her art work can be found at,

Catching the Thanksgiving Turkey, 1943 - Grandma Moses You can find more of her art pieces by doing a simple search on Wikiart, where the piece below is located.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New School Year: Grade 9 for Caitlin

I can't believe my baby is in high school.  I graduated one in April, and this is my last child to homeschool.  I am in the lesson planning process, and I think I have the first week straight, and ready to go.

Science:  Physical Science on VHSG.  I am hoping to get in at least one experiment a week.  I have not laid out the calendar yet, but I will be planning for an Art project, Science experiment, and hopefully enough time for some music.

Language Arts/Reading:  This is basically English 1 if she were in public school.  I am again using VHSG and she will start with Animal Farm.  I will include writing topics, a few times a week, as supplement because she needs a lot of practice.  Most of the writing assignments will center around our History lessons.  

History:  American History this year.  We are skipping over the colonies, and American Revolution.  We will start with the Constitution, which is still American Revolution, but a topic I feel didn't get covered enough in Middle School.  She really likes documentaries, so I have found a ton of them on Youtube.  We also use Netflix, and our regular DTV if I can find good ones.  The writing assignments will be mostly short, and center around or History topics for grade 9.

Math:  Continuing with Intro to Algebra on Edx. and then go from there.

French:  Basic first year of French.  

I will post the more interesting things we do.  I am trying to get back into a regular blogging schedule this year.  I use the blog for our evaluation, so the more I post the better.  

Have a happy school year!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Shrek and Fiona Trenton Drama Club

A little late, but better late than never.  This is DJ and Sammi as Shrek in Fiona.  You have to click the link, which goes to my FB page, to view the video.  I can't figure out how to save it from FB,

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