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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Kidney Update Next Week

First, before I start please do not solicit me in the comments, or via email for Chinese herbal treatments, or any other treatments.  If you want to leave a comment pertinent to my post please do so.  All others will be deleted. 

If you follow this blog, then you know 1 yr ago in March, I was diagnosed with CKD.  At the time my kidney was only functioning at like 40%  or a little less.  It took a while, and though they are still not sure why, the left kidney had actually atrophied, and become scarred, and that was the problem.  It took many years for it to get to where it basically was not doing much at all to help the other kidney.  Since that time, through extreme diet modification, and other healthy life changes, my kidneys have climbed back to almost stage 2.  I was two points away from stage 4 when diagnosed, and 2 points away from stage 2, six months ago.  You can say almost miraculous considering the left kidney will never not be atrophied, or scarred.  I can't forget to mention prayer, by myself, my church family, and my immediate family.  Next week I see the kidney doctor again, and I am praying so hard it will be stage 2, or even closer to stage 1.  He is not optimistic, but I am.  He never thought the kidneys would progress this far.  So, I am going with my optimism not his pessimism.  I also take Sodium Bicarb, and Vitamin D.  Keeping my blood pressure, low enough, with CKD is difficult, though I have not needed any medication yet.  The kidney is a complicated organ, and keeping a perfect balance is difficult, especially this time of year.  I struggle to be sure I am getting enough electrolytes, fluid, and protein when I am sweating and active.  It is much more difficult then when it is cold, even if I am active.  So, some days in the Summer months, I feel icky, but it is usually because I have to replace some electrolytes.  I listen to my body, and pay attention to what is telling me. 

Pray with me for continued restoration of my kidney function.  If you want to be placed on my prayer list, for whatever you may need, please comment below, and I will surely pray for you as hard as I pray for me.  

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