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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A New Adventure for Me

Some of you, who visit frequently probably remember I have been making jewelry, painting etc, and selling on Ebay, and Etsy for years.  I recently shut down my Etsy shop completely, just not worth the time.  I still have Ebay active, but am currently not actively selling there.  I am starting a new adventure.  I have been thinking this whole year about options for the future.  I only have one more child to get through high school, and then I will need to have something to do.  As I get older, the prospect of floor nursing, esp full time, seems daunting.  Going back for my RN, is way too much debt, with a little more than 10 years to work.  So, after much research I have decided to go into Health Coaching.  If you would like to see my new Health Buddy blog, on Wordpress, please feel free to visit  Maybe you need a Health Buddy.

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