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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are You A Good Mother?

I am writing about this, because I have read on some blogs, and heard through the media, that we as a society have decided it is ok to call working mothers bad mothers. What exactly makes, a working mom, a bad mom? Some women have to work, and some women choose to work. A woman Can have a career, and be a good mother, all at the same time. Being a stay at home mom, is not optimal for everyone. Plus, just because you stay home with your children, does not mean you are a good mother. You can still be neglectful, ignorant, abusive, or just plain lazy. While I am a stay at home mom, by choice, I do work outside the home two nights a week. This is both for financial reasons, and sanity reasons. I need outside socialization. I need to feel like I contribute, and I did not become a Nurse, to never use my skills. Alot of women are single parents, and absolutely must work. Why do we not reach out to them, and offer them wisdom and support, rather than judging and criticizing. If you have never been a single parent, or in a position where you had to work, you really can not judge these women. Women should be banding together, and offering each other love and support, not being cruel and hateful. Of course the most famous working mom, right now is Sarah Palin. Mrs Palin has 5 children, is the Governor of Alaska, and running to be the Vice President of the US. She has been criticized, for not being home with her children. This is absurd, especially in this day and age. Women can be GOOD MOMS, and have a CAREER. Please lets come out of the stone ages, and into the real world.

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Friday 9/26/08 Lesson Plan:
Test Day of information covered during the week.

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