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Monday, September 8, 2008

Lesson Plan for 9/9/08, Fun Ebook About Amphibians, Homeschool Resource Of The Day

Today I am going to start with a free activity printable ebook about Amphibians. This is the free resource, for this week, offered by School Express. If you are not a member of School Express, just go to their website sign up for their free newsletter, and recieve every week, a free themed unit, or fun ebook, to download and print. This is not a paid post, those are clearly marked, this is just resource sharing.

This weeks free homeschool resource of the day items available are as follows:

Monday, Sept 8: The Adventures of Pinocchio
Delightful audio dramatization starring Mel Blanc
(the voice of Bugs Bunny) + coloring pages to keep
little hands busy! Cool!

Tuesday, Sept 9: The Story Book of Science
A classic "living book" of stories
about science in nature, provided by
Yesterday's Classics.

Wednesday, Sept 10: 60 Easy Recipes for Body & Bath
Make your own lotions, bath salts, etc.
for family use or as gifts!

Thursday, Sept 11: The Pearl Box, 100 Beautiful Stories
for Young People - classic inspirational &
moral tales for little ones

Friday, Sept 12: Be A Stargazer
Great classic book introducing Astronomy & the
science of light
You can download these free ebooks, and incorporate them into your lesson plans. I will be downloading the Science ebook, available on Tuesday. Go to to sign up for their free newsletter, and every Sunday, you will get a week worth of free homeschool resources.

Lesson Plan for 9/9/08 is as follows:

Science- Plants and animals of the sea- starfish
Read chapter 5 of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Writing- What did you like best about Summer Vacation
PE- 30 minutes
Math- Multiplication, addition, subtraction, numbers and order
Language Arts- singular possessive nouns, phonics review, sentences
Spanish- Parts of the body

If time permits Music, and The story book of science


Anonymous said...

melissa, i am happy to see you posting, i hope you are posting from your home and far from ike's path. i just hope ike won't really pick up more strength and that all will be safe. i've heard it is moving quite far from florida, but they say it is still early to tell. but i just hope wherever it hits, it won't bring devastation.

Melissa said...

betchai, right now I am still at home, keeping an eye on the storm. Each day we get a little bit more out of the cone, but as you said the weather people said, you can never predict it for sure this far out. I always wish for it to not hit us, but then it will hit someone else. It is just so sad. Thank you, so much for your thoughts.

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