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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stereotypes, Cruel Public School, Lesson Plan For 9/17/08

Every Friday, and Saturday, night I work, as a Nurse. I work with a young lady, who has a 5 yr old daughter. They have had a rough time the last few years, and her daughter has had a hard time adjusting. The mom had some reservations about sending her to public school, and had discussed homeschooling with me, a few times. She opted to try public school, as she felt the tons of socialization would do her daughter good. 12 days, after entering public school, the teacher was already telling her, that her daughter was stupid and did not know how to do anything. She also informed, the mom, that after only 12 days she could not teach her, and was going to have her evaluated for special classes. That she had several other teachers, and could not take the time to teach her child. Needless to say she was very upset, crying all weekend, and beside herself. I gave her all the information, I had on homeschooling, and she is once again considering pulling her child and homeschooling instead. I for one can not believe any teacher, would talk to a child or parent in such a manner, but I know for a fact it happens. I have not personally experienced it, but know others who have. If you cant teach a child, then why are you a teacher? Not all children learn the same, and not all children can advance at the same pace. I think these teachers are ridiculous, and probably chose the wrong profession.

As I posted previously, my son started going to an after school program, here in our town. For Socialization purposes, and to be with children, that are not just homeschooled. He had his first day Monday, and he loves it. He did say a boy asked him, if he went to regular school. DJ said no, I am homeschooled, and the little boy said then you must not know anything. Unfortunately, that is a stereotype, here in this area, that homeschooled children, just dont know anything. I told him to just let it slide of his shoulders, and go on with things. He knows the truth, and that is all that matters.

Here are the Lesson Plans for 9/18/08

Spelling: Lesson 3- write each spelling word in alphabetical order
Vocab: Lesson 3- write each vocab word, and definition 2 times each
Writing: Write a book report, for the book Dinosaurs Before Dark
Health: Visiting Dr Bicuspid- Dental health
PE: 30 monutes
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, greater than and less than
Language Arts: Phonics review, prefixes, pronouns
Spanish: Parts of the body
Arts and Crafts: This is usually done on Fridays but has been moved up to Thursday, due to scheduling restraints. This week, we will be making pencil/crayone holders. I will post pictures of them completed, and directions, for anyone that wants to do the same craft.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, we had extra time, at the end of each day. DJ watched Earth The Biography- Planets, and Volcanoes. Each program is 1 hr in length, and can be seen on the National Geographic Channel.


Anonymous said...

It's awful that a teacher would be so cruel to a kid! I know a few families that home teach and it seems to be spreading in my area.

Melissa said...

Homeschooling is becoming more popular, for many reasons. Each homeschooler, has their own reasons for taking that approach. Thank you for stopping by, and leaving your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

oh, that is so sad and shameful that a teacher will say that to a parent or to a child. you are correct, they may be in the profession half-heartedly or maybe no heart for teaching at all, but then, if they don't have heart for teaching, why teach? you are correct, every child learns differently and learns at different pace, we owe it to each child to teach them well and to let them tap their potentials.

Melissa said...

It doesnt seem public schools get that anymore. They are worried about testing, and Grades of schools, funding, etc, rather than teaching those that need a little more teaching. Labeling them, and sending them off to a problem class, is much easier than teaching them. Dont get me wrong, some children do disrupt a classroom and need guidance in behavioral issues, a child that needs extra teaching is not in that category.

Anonymous said...

My brother told me that his 10 year old girl wanted to quit school now because of her teacher. I really believe that being a teacher... we can make or break a kid's soul.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I observed that there is too much labeling here. I actually joked before, that had I went to school here, I would be a special child with social disability since I was very silent in my elementary days, and had fear of reciting in front of class. In fact, I even peed on my skirt when I was in Grade 1 when the teacher called me to recite :( But then, the acceptance I felt from my classmates and teachers had helped me overcome those weaknesses and actually later starting from Grade 5 I had become an active student leader and could deliver speeches not only in front of class but in front of the whole school population. I don't know how would I otherwise felt had I been labeled as a special or learning disabled child. Sometimes, I believe it helps if the child really falls in that category and really needs special teaching, but then, there are also instances where some children just slowly adapt to the new atmosphere and they should not be labeled right away.

Melissa said...

I think labeling a child, a behavioral or learning problem, especially without even putting some effort into the child, is just plain wrong.

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