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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike, Up Up Up Goes The Gas Prices

I was at work, last night, when Hurricane Ike came ashore, in Texas. Of course we couldnt see much, on the TV, because it was dark, but what we could see looked pretty bad. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas, as they weather this awful storm. They said there is already 4 million people without power.

We filled up our gas tank last night, when they announced gas prices, could double after the storm. On my way home, this morning, here where we are, prices are already up 50 cents. On the morning news, they said gas prices are 8 dollars a gallon, in Arkansas, and 5 dollars in many places. They also said gas stations, are running out of gas. I hope this is just a short time thing, and not a long term effect.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kalilea, yes, our prayers for the people in Ike's path in Texas.

$8/gal is too high compared to nationwide average I believe, hopefully, this gas price hike like what you said would only be temporary.

I too am just running my time to do EC drops, I could not update my blog nor leave a lot of comments from too many weekends activities. I am actually here in LA right now, not for hiking or any travel stuff, but catching up with some friends and family, so a hectic day.

Melissa said...

I hope you had a wonderful day, with family and friends. Here in Florida, we are already seeing gas prices near 5 dollars, or more, in some areas, and supply issues as well.

Anonymous said...

It's so crazy how gas shoots up like that. :(

Melissa said...

The news is saying some of it is price gouging, and the government will charge the stations. I dont believe it. We wont know for real, until tomorrow when the stock markets open, the real damage to the refineries. I read in the Gainesville Sun, this morning that there were two oil platforms adrift, in the Gulf so that certainly does not sound promising. Thanks for my award.

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