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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Last Day of Our Regular Homeschool Year

Today, was the last day of our regular homeschool year.  Sniff, sniff, I can't believe it is over.  This whole month, has been basically half time, and tightening up things that needed completing.  DJ has now moved into Math review mode, as Caitlin will also continue Math over the summer months.  Caitlin's is more of catch up, than review.  Catch up to where I want her to be.  After my Mom was in a awful car accident this year, it made me realize how much I had to pay closer attention to Common Core, and if I ever had to be forced to put my kids in public school.  While we still will go at a relaxed pace for Math, it can't be as relaxed as they like. 

DJ has just a few chapters of Marine Biology to finish, and some labs which are always fun.  Caitlin will also continue to work on her Grammar and Writing over the summer. 

Now, I have the daunting task of putting together their portfolios.  We don't do our evaluations until August, so I have plenty of time. 

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