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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Books and Classes Chosen For the 2016/2017 Homeschool Year

I am still working on our homeschool portfolios.  I hope to complete them next week.  DJ will be taking the new PSAT next Wed, with the essay option.  Then on the 11th, both kids will each start two classes of their new school year.  Since we have family coming the first two weeks of Sept, we will not have our first full school day, until the 19th.  So, at least we will have some started.  Caitlin, and DJ both, will start Math, and Caitlin chose Spanish for her second class to start, and DJ will be starting his certificate Digital Media course on FLVS.  Two new things for DJ this year, he is going to take the World History CLEP Exam at the end of the school year, and he will be really pushed to take notes this year, and required to study at least 45 min per class each night. DJ will also be working on his second book, that he is stuck about half way through, writers block, and will be participating in the NanoRimo writing challenge again in November.  Caitlin is currently using Wattpad for some writing fun.   Caitlin will be required to study, with reading or writing.  Of course we will continue our weekly Wed nature walk with friends, and volunteer hours as well. 

Caitlin 2016/2017 School Classes Grade 7:

Math:  Saxon 7/6 with supplement of Prodigy Math game, once or twice a week.
History:  World History with focus on Geography.  I will be posting some fun things to do for this class.
Spanish 1:  Along with textbook, and workbook, there is a really fun app she likes.
All other subjects will be grade 8 Alpha Omega including Bible.  I got a really good deal, but it was a grade higher but I have heard they are not real challenging, so it should be OK.  She could use a good challenge anyways.  I will be giving her books to read, but have not decided yet, besides Ann of Green Gables.  I am looking at her taking at least one FLVS class next year.  DJ will take his second year of Japanese in his senior year.  Both kids are deciding what they want to do with 4H, and I don't want them overwhelmed with activities anyways.  Caitlin will resume Gymnastics in October, and DJ of course guitar.

DJ 2016/2017 School Classes Grade 11:

World History:  CLEP study guide with exam at end of year, will also be doing fun activities with me
English/Language Arts with focus on Writing
Chemistry with Labs
Digital Media 1-  full credit certificate course with FLVS
Psych 1- half credit elective course can also count as 1/2 credit of History with FLVS
Typing will be squeezed in somewhere, probably 2nd half of year as a 1/2 credit elective.  He really needs this class.  He has no clue about typing rules, such as for spacing.

So far DJ has chosen Dracula to read, and I still have to consider which ones I want him to read.  I am leaning towards classical literature as opposed to newer options. 

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