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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can You Believe It Is September 1st Already?

I can not believe it is September already. We have one more week of summer vacation, then kindergarten, and fourth grade begins. I look forward to another year of sharing tips, and ideas with all of you who may use them. I have started my Christmas shopping, yes it is true. I usually start in August, last year I was delayed though. This year I wasted no time. I find it easier to buy something every paycheck, rather than try to buy everything at once. DJ who is now nine, is not so easy to buy ahead for, but he does give me tidbits here, and there. My husband, and Caitlin, are easier. This year, I want to make the ladies in my family some earrings, as their gifts. Anyway the point of this post was not Christmas, see how I get off track, it was to thank my top Entrecard droppers, for the month of August. Every month, I thank my top ten droppers, and the top advertiser, and ask that you take a moment to visit each one of them.

The blog that I got the most clicks from, after placing my widget on their blog is with an awesome 66 clicks from her blog to mine. Wow that is a lot of clicks.

Thank you, so much to all of you who visit, and read my blog every day.


Dave said...

Thanks for the mention and link, Its been a while since i made someones top droppers list.

Melissa said...

Dave, thank you for visiting my blog every day.

Femmepower said...

You're so smart to start your Christmas shopping this early,Melissa. Here in our country,the Department of Trade and Industry has started monitoring the prices of items that normally shoot up every Christmas Season. This early, it's really practical to shop for Xmas gifts and decors while the prices and foot traffic in malls are still low.

Last year,I started buying gifts in November. The shopping centers weren't jampacked with people yet but I wasn't able to enjoy big discounts anymore which were given in earlier months.

Melissa said...

Thank you Rochelle, it has been my practice even before I had kids. Now it is almost necessary.

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