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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tell Time In Spanish, Draw An Airplane, And Cool School Giveaway

Wow, I have a lot to share with you today. First let me say Entrecard was so super slow yesterday, I could not even complete my drops. Well I could have, if I had the patience to wait forever, but I did not. So I caught up with everyone who dropped yesterday, today.

I have to tell you about a cool, and easy giveaway from Small Town Mommy. Anne from Small Town Mommy, has a new blog, where she will be doing giveaways, and product reviews. You can find her new blog by visiting her Small Town Mommy blog, and following the directions. Once you get to the new site, you can sign up for her giveaway, and win boxtops for education, plus other great items. Even if you homeschool you can sign up to win the back to school package, she is giving away. You must follow her on Twitter, tell what your favorite part of kids going back to school is, and for extra entries do a blog post, on your blog, about the contest. Sounds pretty easy to me. So hurry on over, and get your entries in. It ends soon, so don't dilly dally.

Tommorrow, we are learning to tell time, in our Spanish book. View the video below, to help learn to correct way the words should sound. It is hard to teach Spanish from a textbook, when you have no idea if you are saying it right, so the videos help alot. Also DJ will be drawing another airplane. While he likes the textbook I got this year, he also finds the learn to draw videos helpful. So he is going to draw one using the textbook, then another using the video, and compare the difference. You can use these vidoes too, so feel free.

Lesson Plans for 09/21/09:

Listening skills- listen to DJ read to her
Reading: HOP Pig Wig
Alphabet Book: Letter G
Number Identification: Zero I forgot this one the other day, so we are back tracking
Printing Practice
Arts and Crafts: Scarecrow Craft
Site Words: word helpers

Reading: Read Chapter 3 Florida Seeds of a Nation, and answer questions
Read aloud to Caitlin Holidays and Customs pg11-15
Language Arts: Prefixes, antonyms, and synonyms
Art: Draw an airplane
Cursive writing: worksheet
Writing: The four seasons
Math: Subtracting two digit number from three digit numbers
Spanish: Book 1 telling time in Spanish


Femmepower said...

Spanish! It's not an "alien" language for us Filipinos.Most of us, especially our older citizens, know a little (if not much) about the Spanish language. We,in the family,even tell time in Spanish.Not because of Dora the Explorer hehe but because the Philippines was colonized by Spain for over 333 years. Thus we acquired some of their culture and language.

betchai said...

this reminds me to visit DJ's blog on his latest writing :)

coincidentally, my word verification today is partly spanish, "mesa" :)

Melissa said...

We are not fluent in Spanish, but we are trying to pick up the more simple parts. I would love to purchase a fancy Spanish curriculum, but they are way outside my budget.

Anne said...

Thank you for including my giveaway! I used to be fluent in Spanish but lost a lot of it over the past 20 years. I am excited because my older daughter is going to start studying Spanish this year.

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