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Monday, September 14, 2009

Yuck I Don't Like Insects!

I really don't like anything with more legs than me LOL. Here in Florida, we have more bugs, than I would care to admit. Of course my kids are fascinated with them. There are so many ways to let your kids explore Science, that is free. My kids are constantly exploring the yard for bugs, leaves, and any other interesting things. They look at them under the microscope, research them in books, and online. All these activities are free, and require just their curiosity, and will to learn. I really love these old education videos, this one is on insects. If you need a lesson plan for insects, I used Lesson Snips. There are many others out there available, but I chose them this year, for basic lesson plans.

Lesson Plans for 09/15/09:

Reading- HOP Dad and Sam
Alphabet book- Letter E
Printing practice
Number Identification- Worksheet
Site Words-
Shapes and colors- worksheet
Science- Insects

Math- Adding, multiplication, division, place value
Science: Insects, changing colors project
Vocab/Spelling: Write each vocabulary word, and definition, two times each
Language Arts: Capitalization, prefixes, synonyms, and antonyms
Reading comprehension: worksheet
Cursive writing


Femmepower said...

It seems natural for kids to be fascinated by everything including insects.When I was young,I remember I loved hunting for bugs everywhere and put them on my palm,observe them, etc.But now,I couldn't even stand a moment near any bug without jumping or shrieking.

Tes said...

Same here, Rochelle, I love to catch butterflies, dragonflies and even grasshoppers! My sisters and I put them in jars and observe them...

I am amazed at that old video Melissa, it is old, but still clear and very well done...very informative!

Anonymous said...

What is the link for lesson snips?

hiro said...

Nice to meet you.

I was going to paste the link without permission because I had very felt the interest for your blog.

Please link me with the blog if it is good.


Melissa said...

The link is

Hiro your blog is not in English, so I have no clue what it says to know if it is suitable for this blog.

Leomar said...

Very nice and informative video... I was also fascinated by insects when I was a kid.

Melissa said...

Thank you Leomar

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