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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Your Child Should Know By Years End

This is helpful to both public school children, and homeschooled children. If you want to know if your child is on track, and what they should have learned by the end of a particular grade, then these can be helpful to you. I use these to make sure my curriculum is complete, and I don't miss anything. I have for kindergarten, and fourth grade shown, but you can Google search for the grade you need to know about. I got this information here.

By the end of kindergarten, you can expect your child to:

  • Follow class rules
  • Separate from a parent or caregiver with ease
  • Take turns
  • Cut along a line with scissors
  • Establish left- or right-hand dominance
  • Understand time concepts like yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • Stand quietly in a line
  • Follow directions agreeably and easily
  • Pay attention for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Hold a crayon and pencil correctly
  • Share materials such as crayons and blocks
  • Know the eight basic colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, white, and pink
  • Recognize and write the letters of the alphabet in upper- and lowercase forms
  • Know the relationship between letters and the sounds they make
  • Recognize sight words such as the and read simple sentences
  • Spell his first and last name
  • Write consonant-vowel-consonant words such as bat and fan
  • Retell a story that has been read aloud
  • Identify numbers up to 20
  • Count by ones, fives, and tens to 100
  • Know basic shapes such as a square, triangle, rectangle, and circle
  • Know her address and phone number

By the end of the year, you can expect your child to:

  • Begin to make more decisions and engage in group decision-making
  • Want to be part of a group
  • Think independently and critically
  • Have empathy
  • Show a strong sense of responsibility
  • Be able to memorize and recite facts, although he may not have a deep understanding of them
  • Increase the amount of detail in drawings
  • Work on research projects
  • Write a structured paragraph with an introductory topic sentence, three supporting details, and a closing sentence that wraps up the main idea of the paragraph
  • Use a range of strategies when drawing meaning from text, such as prediction, connections, and inference
  • Understand cause-and-effect relationships
  • Add and subtract decimals, and compare decimals and fractions
  • Multiply multi-digit numbers by two-digit numbers
  • Divide larger multi-digit numbers by one-digit numbers
  • Find the area of two-dimensional shapes
  • Have a greater awareness of fairness


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Hi Melissa! my daughter home schooled my 2 grandsons until they were old enough to enter middle school.

They wanted to give it a try and she has let them. Fortunately they live in an area that does have a wonderful school system. Even so, they both entered at a grade or 2 higher based upon their testing.

She did a wonderful job homeschooling. It is a difficult and demanding job. I applaud all of you home schoolers!!

I am also very excited and please to take part in your contest. I only wish I had thought of adding something like this to my current contest.

I am headed right now to donate and I hope many many more will also be moved to donate.

I hope you have a terrific day!

The Painted Veil

Happy day!:-)

Melissa said...

Thank you so much. I sent you an email asking for your blog, but since you posted it here, I can add it to my kindness hall of fame. Thank you so much for your kindness. My son has expressed maybe wanting to do public school in fifth grade. I really hope not, but I can't see me not letting him at least try it.

Vicki said...

I do not homeschool, but I do really want my son to be prepared. I have been working with him, and this smart little boy already knows all of his colors and shapes, his alphabet, how to spell his name, his abc's and now we are working on names and numbers. He is so eager to learn and so easy to teach that I am actually now worried about being too advanced and being bored.

Melissa said...

Vicki, that is a very good point. Sometimes we can over do it, and they are bored in school. Hopefully they will keep him plenty challenged.

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