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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun Pictures!

Tomorrow is test day, so I have no great lesson plans to post. DJ will be reading chapter 2 of his Florida book, review tests, and a writing assignment. Yesterday he did plate tectonics, but some of the wording was a bit advanced, and he did not quite grasp the whole thing. I found these two cool videos, and hopefully they will help him understand it better. The two first pictures, are pictures each child took of each other. I think they take better pictures than me. The other two are obviously the puppy, who is growing so fast. Have a great Thursday, everyone!


hiro said...
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Femmepower said...

I love the Early Earth video.I've always been fascinated with the study of planets and the universe in general that we bought a number of books about them - those with big pictures to attract our daughter Bianca.

I love your kids' pics.Caitlin is so pretty and DJ is so wacky.And the sleeping pup,lol! so cute.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Rochelle

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