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Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering, What Birthday Flower Are You?

Before I do my Fun Friday quiz, please take moment to remember all the people who died on 09/11 in the terrorist attacks. I can vividly remember what I was doing that day, and watching the second plane crash into the Twin Towers. It was horrifying to say the least. I might have never paid any attention to it, other than I was at work, and one of the doctors who adamantly told us every day how much she hated TV, was staring at the TV. Of course I was curious what she was looking at. So I asked her Dr Rund, what are you watching? She said a plane just crashed into a skyscraper, having no idea it was a terrorist attack. As we stood there talking to each other, the second plane struck. Because I was at work, and my son was at daycare it made it all the more unnerving. A terrible day in the history of this country, and a day I know I will never forget.

OK now on to more fun things, Fun Friday. Today I picked a short, and sweet quiz, to tell you which Birthday flower I am. Mine is a Gladiola, a beautifully stunning flower. I always find astrology type things, so accurate to my personality. It is funny.

August: Gladiolas

Gladiolas is the birth flower for people who are born in August.
The Gladiolas symbolizes remembrance, strength of character, dedication and devotion towards family.
If your birth flower is Gladiolas: You are an intellectual person. People love you for your enthusiasm and charming nature. You constantly try to succeed in whatever you do. You desire to occupy leadership position. You can take the quiz here, be sure to share your results.

Here is some more info about Gladiolas.

The genus Gladiolus comprises 260 species, 250 of which are native to sub-Saharan Africa, mostly South Africa. About 10 species are native to Eurasia. The impressive flower spikes of Gladioli come in a variety of beautiful colors. The Gladiolus flower signifies remembrance. It also expresses infatuation, telling the receiver that he or she pierces the heart. It also stands for strength of character, faithfulness and honor. I found this info at the flower encyclopedia website. I simply must get some of these to plant. What an extraordinary flower.

Join the fun, and see what flower represents your birthday.


online writer said...

I can still remember what I was doing when that terror attack happened.I was in front of the TV when suddenly the show I was watching was interrupted with a flash report.It showed two airplanes crashing against the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and I went numb,I felt like it was surreal.I didn't wanna believe it was true.I just couldn't believe it.Though I was miles away in another continent,I couldn't stomach the terror that happened in New York City that day.And I still can't.

betchai said...

Gladiolas are very pretty flowers Melissa, I am Carnation :)

My late mother woke me up when the news of 9/11 reached us, it was so hard to believe, and we had a moment of silence in our school then, and had prayer vigil for the victims, for the family of the victims and for world's peace.

Laura said...

I will never forget that morning either. We were in our Airstream in Tennessee waiting to go on to the RV Resort we were going to workcamp at on the Space Coast of Florida. I got so nervous about going to a place that could be a prime target because of Nasa. We went anyway, because to not go would have meant that the terrorist had won.

Tes said...

Today, we had a moment of silent in my school... and memories flooding, I remember that day when we heard of it in the news. HATE is such a short word yet it has a long and lasting effect!

Oh wow, love those Gladiolas nice -colors- they are good as cut-flowers too, lasts long, esp when they are vased while they are buds.

Tes said...

belated Happy Birthday, Melissa! More to come!

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you. I know that awful day, is a day that I will never forget. I still can not imagine the horror those people must have felt.

Ebie said...

Hi Melissa, happy belated birthday! Gladiolas are pretty and elegant flowers. My birthday flower is lily.
I remember that day, I was getting ready for work, and I insisted of going to work, but was told to go home the second I arrived. And it took me 4 hours to get home, since I take public transportation. The trains were not running. It was a sad for us and all over the world.

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