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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lattitude and Longitude, Map Skills

Tomorrow, for Social Studies we will be doing Lattitude and Longitude. Again I found my basic lesson plan at Lesson Snips, with supplemental info from our Social Studies book. The two short video clips are cute, and help kids put the info together.

Lesson Plans for 09/09/09:


Phonics: HOP sounding out words
Leaf cutting practice
Site words: List one: and, my, are, can, play, come, funny, run, go, he, see, is, jump, this, like, little, up, look, the, to, you, said, red, of. I must say I think some of this are a bit much for a kindergarten child, but we will stick with them.
Reading: Cat
Alphabet book: Letter B
Math: fun with fruit
Science: The sun helps things grow


Language Arts: spelling, vocabulary, syllables, synonym, antonym, subject, and predicate
Reading comprehension: worksheet
Math: Multiplication, division, addition and subtraction word problems
Social Studies: Lattitude and longitude, map skills
Writing: 10 things about me, continued


online writer said...

I can use your lesson plan for DJ.It ain't far from my daughter's lessons in school.

Melissa said...

Rochelle if you go to they have awesome education games, including geography. I also supplement with a geography workbook.

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