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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun Friday On Melissas Jewelry, Paper Back Swap, Book Exchange

Well tomorrow is Friday, and that means no lesson plans to post, which means I get to share other fun stuff with you. Fun Friday is tomorrow, and if you are a member of my Blogging For Fun group, then you know what that means. If not you will have to come back, and read tomorrow. If you would like to join our small blogging group, there is a green sign up box in the left hand column, you won't be sorry, I promise. To all my fellow bloggers that have an Etsy shop, or craft blog, you can now be featured on my jewelry blog. I am starting a Fun Friday of sorts feature over there. All you have to do is leave me a comment, with your store, or site address, and you will be featured in the order I get them. I have no one yet, so hurry and go leave a comment at Melissas Jewelry, we can all use the extra help promoting our stores.

Yesterday I finally went and checked out a website, a good friend of mine told me about. Paper Back Swap, is just what it sounds like. You post books you no longer want, and you can get books you do want in return. I got two automatic free credits, just for signing up, and chose two Goosebumps books for DJ. The person sending the books pays the postage, by media mail, which is not expensive, and you do the same when you ship a book. I sent my first one out this morning, and will get a credit to pick a book, when the recipient receives it. I think you must live in the US to participate, but I could be wrong. If you go and sign up, put my email address in the referrer box, and I will get free book credits. I receive no money, just credits to get books. After you read the books, you can either keep them, or repost them for others to claim to read. It is a great, and simple concept. You will get the two free credits, after you have posted 10 books for others to claim, if they want them. With books as expensive as they are, you can see how quickly you can save some big bucks. I have not checked out textbooks yet, but I intend to. If you are an avid reader, like me, and don't want all those books lying around, then this is the site for you. It is free too, free! Who doesn't love free? I posted a short video below, so you can view it, and what it is all about.


Tes said...

Oh wow, paper back swap sounds good! Looking forward to Fun Friday! :)

Femmepower said...

That's a nice concept indeed. my hubby who's a bookworm would surely love it if we have something similar to that here.

Ebie said...

I am ready for Fun Friday! I will just schedule my post at 5:00 a.m. PST. Looking forward to it!

Melissa said...

Thanks guys, will see you all for Fun Friday.

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Melissa said...

Thank you so much

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