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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Friday, Me Through The Years

Tes, from our Blogging For Fun group, had a wonderful topic idea. To show each of us in our younger years. The youngest picture of me, I had here at my house, was the fifth grade. I am the one with the stars all around it. I also have one from the year we got our nursing caps, I was 16, I am circled in the back. Then about 20 yrs old, and then when I just had Caitlin at age 35. I didn't look so hot in that pic, not a whole lot of sleep going on. So here they are, don't laugh too loud now. I look forward to seeing all of my Blogging For Fun friends, through the years. If you would like to join in Fun Friday, then join by clicking the green sign up box, in the left hand column. The forwards I complained about on Entrecard were removed on most of the blogs, so I am doing limited drops for now, but very limited at sites I trust.


Femmepower said...

Nice photos and amazingly clear. You looked so great in these pics,Melissa.But I always thought you have dark hair.hmmm.How did I end up with that?

Melissa said...

Thanks Rochelle, I just scanned them, on my printer scanner thing. My natural hair color is a dark blonde color, like my daughters. I have never been fond of it because it always looks dirty. I have been lightening my hair, since my teenage years.

Tes said...

Mel, your 6th grade photo is cool, reminds me of those years back in the 80s (The big hair era). You look so fresh in that photo on the beach! Amazing how young you graduated (at 16 -wow!) And DJ is so cute in that other photo with a new born Caitlin.

Same with Rochelle, I thought you had dark hair. You look good on both actually.

It's really "fun" Friday today!

Laura said...

Funny too that I thought you had dark hair. I don't know why, but I was surprised to see you with blonde hair. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Ebie said...

Me, too, I thought you had darker hair. You look so cute on your 5th grade photo. I love the glow in your face of your photo at the beach! I wish I had my photos from my younger years! It is fun doing this blogging for fun on Fridays! Thanks for hosting.

betchai said...

I am not surprised you have blonde hair Melissa. Oh, I love that beach picture, and you holding Caitlin.

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you. This was a really Fun Friday topic.

Wiggy said...

Hey Melissa.

Really nice photos there :)

Melissa said...

Thanks Wiggy

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