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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reading, Arts And Crafts

Monday's are basically concentrated on reading, writing, and arts and crafts. Because Caitlin has to learn to sit and listen, and DJ needs to be comfortable reading aloud, I have decided that DJ will read to Caitlin.

Lesson Plans for 09/14/09:

Reading: HOP Dad and Sam
Listening Skills: Farm Puppy, Holidays and Customs read by DJ
Arts and Crafts: Acorn Wreath
Alphabet Book: Letter D
Printing worksheet

Reading: Read aloud to Caitlin Farm Puppy, Holidays and Customs pg 4-9
Math: Multiplication, subtraction
Vocab/Spelling: Look up the definition for each word
Art: Draw a plane
Spanish: Book one chapter one, Michael has an idea
Writing: Five food groups, menu plan
Cursive: worksheet
Language Arts: prefixes, synonyms, antonyms

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