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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whew That Was Rough!

After 6 hours of, scan, scan again, again, again, and how many more times again, disk cleanup, spyware remover, reboot about 100 times the nasty hijacker virus is gone. I wish I knew which website gave it to me. I am almost certain it was on Entrecard, because that was the only thing I was doing when I got it. Oh well, at least it is gone, for good I hope.

Last week I found a totally free website. Now years ago, I tried these free sites, and never got anything, except a bunch of junk. Free education stuff is the link for you to find some awesome cool free educational stuff. So far the only thing that has come was a Character Action plan for young kids, from the one and only Tiger Woods. I could not believe what a nice curriculum this was. It comes with a book to read, along with worksheets that cover the material. I was stunned at how nice it was, and free too. There are other free subjects in the left hand column, but I was pretty much only interested in the educational stuff. Check it out. I will let you know when other cool things come in. I also was asked by Sylvan to do another give away of their products. This year they sent me a first grade Language Arts workbook, to give away to one of my readers. Be sure to watch for it. I probably will not do it until after Nov 1st when my feed the needy promotion ends. Be sure to check that out in the left hand column of this blog.

Tomorrow is our playgroup playdate. We are hoping to be able to swim, but the weather has not been great. Our group is small, and we try to meet every two weeks, for fun, and socialization. If you live in the Gilchrist County Florida, or surrounding area, homeschool, or have a preschooler looking for some fun playdates, come join us. If you are interested in joining our group please contact me at and I will send you the sign up link. Because tomorrow is our playgroup, DJ worked extra hard, to get a day ahead, and left just a few things to finish up.

Lesson Plans for 09/17/09:

Playdate 10Am-1PM with lunch, and swimming

Caitlin: Reading- HOP Dad and Sam, site words, sharing, follow directions.

Reading Comprehension: WS
Review plate tectonics from 09/18/09
Health: Food pyramid
Math: Addition, place value
Language Arts: Capitalization, prefixes, synonyms, antonyms
Spelling/Vocab: Use each word in a sentence



Laura said...

Glad to hear you got rid of the virus. It seems like it happens once in a while and it takes up your whole day to get rid of it.

Melissa said...

Yup practically the whole day, to get rid of one stinking virus, Ugh. I lost so much work time, it was not nice.

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