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Monday, September 21, 2009

Reptiles, Butterfly Migration

Tomorrow is Science class, and we are covering reptiles, and butterflies. How is that for a combination? The butterfly lesson is a hands on activity, from our Science workbook, while the reptile is a lesson plan. Below are two cool videos, on on reptiles, and one on butterfly migration, be sure to check them out. I also found this other cool site, where you can watch all kinds of educational videos. Go here, to see them. Wow, it is the end of September already. I can not believe, where this year has gone. Also wanted to share a website called Starfall. Caitlin uses this free website, as an adjunct to her Hooked on Phonics workbooks, for reading.

Lesson Plans for 09/22/09:

Reading: HOP Pig Wig
Printing practice
Alphabet book: Letter H
Adding and subtracting acorns
Number writing 1-5
Site words
Colors: Worksheet
Science: Reptiles, butterflies

Science: Butterfly migration, reptiles, seasons
Spelling/Vocab: Write each spelling word two times each
Language Arts: Capitalization, not prefixes, homophones
Reading Comprehension: Worksheet
Math: Compare and order numbers, subtraction, multiplication, division
Cursive writing


Anne said...

My daughter is studying butterfly migration in school too. I will have to show her your video. Thank you for sharing!

Melissa said...

I hope she enjoys it.

betchai said...

thanks for sharing the video Melissa, i always enjoy the spring time when I see a lot of butterflies due to migration.

Melissa said...

We love the butterflies too. We have one bush that grows red flowers, that attracts both the butterflies, and hummingbirds, it is awesome.

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