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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Education Speech, The Five Food Groups

Well I forgot to watch President Obama's education speech yesterday. So if like me, you missed it, you can watch it here. I will be watching it with DJ later this afternoon.

Tomorrow is Health class, and we will be covering the five food groups. This is a multi week lesson plan. We use our workbook with discussion. This little video below, is from 1954, and is quite cute.

Both my kids have a cold right now, and DJ had to have an xray for bone age. I will blog about why, this weekend. I hope everyone is having an awesome school week. I did want to share a website that I love. I may have posted this before, but it is worth sharing. It has all kinds of education games, in all subjects. It is I Know That, and I use it frequently.

Lesson Plans for 09/10/09:

Phonics- HOP sounding out words
Site words- list one
Reading: HOP Cat
Alphabet book: Letter C
Math: Yellow addition
Sept cutting activity hand tree
Handwriting: printing

Blog Post: 10 things about me
Language Arts: Capitalization, prefixes, synonyms, antonyms
Spelling/Vocab: Write each word and circle the consonants
Reading Comprehension: Worksheet
Health: Five food groups
Math: Multiply, divide, addition, rounding numbers
Cursive writing


Anne said...

Enjoy the speech! The 5 food groups sound fun. I hope everyone feels better soon. It is no fun to have a cold when it is warm out. Good luck with the Xray, I hope everything is ok.

Tes said...

Have not seen the video, I cannot access it from my classroom, we have a firewall. I'll check it out when I get home. I hope all will be well with the Xray. Get well soon to the cuties :)

Melissa said...

Anne and Tes, thank you. The hand xray is not real major, but it is interesting. Caitlin has a fever, and I forgot to post the lesson plans LOL. Have a great evening.

online writer said...

I wonder why I see a lot of negative online write-ups about the Obama speech in school.They say it's like brainwashing the kids.Anyway...I hope Caitlin feels better soon.I also wonder what happened to DJ.I'm gonna have to wait for your next post.

Melissa said...

I think they are just trying to bring Obama down any way they can.

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