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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No More Entrecard, The Great Lakes Lighthouses

First I must start with my frustration with Entrecard. I do not know what they are doing over there anymore, but they certainly do not enforce their own rules for standards of blogs. This is the second week I have gotten a virus from an Entrecard blog. There are blogs full of redirects, automatic downloads, freeze frames, pop ups, etc, and quite frankly I am not going to use them anymore until they fix it, or clean up their membership. If you are a member of my blogging for fun group, I will obviously continue to visit, and comment on those blogs. If you would like to join our Blogging For Fun group, and get visitors, and comments, click on the green join box, on the side of this blog. I will have to go back to traffic exchanges, and other methods, for traffic, at least for now.

Tomorrow for Social Studies, we are doing how lakes form. I could not find a cool video, for the subject, but I did find a cool video showing lighthouses of the Great Lakes. I love lighthouses, and I love the Great Lakes. Be sure to check it out. By the way my lesson plan for how lakes form, came from Lesson Snips.

Lesson Plans For 09/23/09:

Printing practice
Reading: HOP Pig Wig
Alphabet Book: Letter I
Adding and subtracting acorns
Writing numbers 1-5
Site words
Same and different: worksheet

Social Studies: How lakes form, Geography
Spelling/Vocab: Use each word in a sentence
Language Arts: Capitalization, no prefixes, homonyms
Reading Comprehension: Worksheet
Math: Subtracting checking your work, compare and order greater numbers, division
Cursive handwriting


Ebie said...

Hi Melissa, I do entrecard drops whenever I can, and when time permits.
And yes, I am back blogging! My sister has the photo album already and she is going to scan them for me! Yay!

online writer said...

That's really awful.I've encountered similar problem with entrecard and it's really frustrating. i hope they'll be able to fix their system soon.

ps: i also see a lot of entrecard widgets lately showing scantily-clad women in various positions and i don't like seeing i don't click on may not be a problem to many but to me,i'm not for those me old-fashioned but i can tell a good sexy picture from a nasty one. curiosly,i don't see widgets like that in adgitize. The way i see it,adgitize is well-managed and maintained that's why i like adgitize better.

Wiggy said...

Hey Melissa. This is the first time I've used Entrecard since I upgraded Firefox, as I forgot about the toolbar not working! It does seem to have gone down hill, and I think I will stick to my Adgitize, which I've also neglected lately as you can tell from the state of my blog

Melissa said...

I went back to Agitize, though I did notice that two of the blogs, have this very same redirect with download attached to their blog. I am staying away from them.

Anne said...

I can't stand redirects. I don't see how they are beneficial for a blogger. I guess short term they can bring in money, but long-term it loses site visitors forever.

Melissa said...

That is exactly what it is, a ptp link that they earn money off of. I can not even read their blog, because it sends me somewhere else, totally defeating the purpose of me visiting their blog.

Mike said...


Great site, I wanted to join your Blogging for fun group - the link was broken.

Melissa said...

Mike try it again, I clicked it and it worked. IF not email me at and I will send you an invite that way.

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