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Monday, September 7, 2009

First Day Of School Lesson Plans

Before I jump right into the lesson plans for tomorrow, I must first say we had an awesome summer. Our new playgroup of friends has kept us busy, and full of fun. Today the weather is not so grand, of course we are having people over to swim. Thank goodness for cable, and playstations just in case LOL. I read an excellent post this morning on foods that trigger migraines. I left a comment, but forgot to add something important that I learned during my own research. I suffer from migraines, for many years. They are hormone related, but have worsened, sending me to the Dr. Something interesting I learned from her, was that I should try to avoid MSG. Ok, so I thought what a loon, I don't even eat Chinese food hardly ever, though I love it. Then I did some research, MSG is actually a preservative, and used in many different foods. The one thing also, however is it is also in some medications, that are gel caps, or enteric coated. I was taking Excedrin Migraine for the headaches, but it was upsetting my stomach. So I switched to the coated ones to help with the stomach irritation. Little did I know I was actually making the migraines worse, because I obviously am sensitive to MSG. Since avoiding it, and stopping taking the coated tablets, my migraines have lessened in intensity. It has not taken them away, my hormones are still hormones after all, but I avoid the MSG which irritates it more. I have only had to take the prescribed migraine medicine once, since applying the no MSG to my diet. Read your labels it is also called monosodium glutomate. That's it, just thought I would share that will all my fellow migraine sufferers.

Lesson plans for 09/08/09:

Phonics: HOP pg 3 say the sound, listen to CD
Beginning sounds: worksheet
Land or sea cut and paste: animal classification
Reading: Book one Cat HOP
Site words: Hat, Cat, Dog, Sun, Mom, and Dad
Alphabet book: Letter A
Cutting practice: worksheet

The alphabet book you can start at the beginning of the year. We will put the book together once the whole alphabet has been completed. If you do not own a Hooked on Phonics program, I highly recommend it. I bought one used, but complete, for 9.99 on Ebay, it has already helped tremendously. I use TLS books, and DLTK websites for free kindergarten printables, they are excellent.

Language Arts: subject and predicate, prefixes, synonyms and antonyms
Spelling: write each spelling word two times each
Vocabulary: look up the definition for each vocabulary word.
Writing: 10 things about me blog award, thanks Tes
Math: Add, subtract, multiply, divide
Science: Animal classifications, falling leaves project
Reading Comp: worksheet

As you can see we jump right back in, and review old material to be sure it has been remembered, then add new stuff as we go on. I used Lesson Snips this year, for both Science, and Social Studies lessons, they are wonderful. I also have workbooks for each as well, for projects. Here is a cool, and easy Science project for your fourth grader.

Purpose to demonstrate that a leaf's death is not what causes it to fall from the stem.
You will need: sprig with four or more green leaves attached, and a small vase.
1 break a sprig with four or more leaves attached off a bush, or tree.
2 Stand the sprig in the vase.
3 Set the vase where the sprig can be observed, but not disturbed, for four weeks or more.
4 Observe the leaves as often as possible, but do not touch them.

We will post the results, and why, after the experiment is completed. If you do this with your kids, be sure to do the same.

This week we may need Friday, to play catch up, due to DJ needing a hand xray one morning this week, and playgroup fun on Thursday. Whew what a week it is going to be. Have fun, and happy schooling.


SANDY said...

MSG yep, that's come full circle I think. Believe initially they thought it really made migraines bad, then decided it was unrelated and now have come back to saying yes it makes them worse. Things often go in circles. Sorry you suffer from them. I've also been told caffeine makes them worse and yet some people say caffeine helps. Good luck with the new school year.


betchai said...

hi Melissa, I have learned actually that Caucasians have more sensitivity to MSG than Asians, most who suffer from MSG allergy sensitivity are Caucasians, whereas, most the suffer from nuts sensitivity and allergy are Asians. But yeah, if you do have sensitivity over it, have to avoid it, sadly, I too did not know even capsules have them.

you have a solid first day lesson plan, awesome mom and teacher in one.

my migraines are worsened by heat and humidity, and well, chocolates and caffeine, but if i do not eat chocolates sometimes, I feel sad too :( but i stay away from chocolates when i have migraine. but sometimes, even if i do not have, if i get carried away and would eat a lot, i would feel my head pounding and throbbing like crazy, but still, I can not say "NO" to chocolates all the time, i guess i have too weak self discipline.

online writer said...

I can't imagine how hard it is to suffer from migraine.Whenever I have a headache,it really ruins my day.Good thing you found out about MSG on some medications so were able to avoid it.

By the way,thanks for posting about the animal kingdom.My daughter and I had a conversation about species yesterday and I couldn't explain to her thoroughly what it means.I ended up giving examples but she was still unsatisfied.Your timing is perfect, teehee.

A Lil Enchanted said...

Hi Melissa... I was just wondering what is the DLTK website that you use for printables? Sounds like you've got it all planned out and will be off to a great start :)

A Lil Enchanted,

Melissa said...

Sandy, I can not believe how many things it is in, it is hard to avoid it all.

Betchai, caffeine seems to have no effects on me whatsoever, including giving energy. It just does nothing bad, or good for me.

Rochelle, I hope your daughter liked the videos, and found them useful.

Lashan, DLTK is also with first-school they have great free printables, and crafts for young kids. Here are the links

Missy69 on Redbubble

Currclick for Homeschoolers


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