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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Live Animal Cams

I forgot to add these two links earlier. The National Zoo is an awesome site, with live animal cams. My kids will sit, and watch the Pandas forever. Plus they have tons of animal info, to help your youngster learn about habitats, species, etc. I love it!

Next is Africam. One of the reasons I love this one so much, is you can hear all the noises that are occurring in nature. Even if you see no animals, you can hear all the activity going on off camera. Because of the time difference I find it best to go on early in the AM here on the East Coast, when it is afternoon there. Also they do have commercials before the cams click on, so be patient.

Happy animal watching.


betchai said...

thanks for sharing these links Melissa. i love hearing the sounds of nature too, the birds wake me up in the morning with their sweet serenade :)

Melissa said...

Me too, it is so soothing, and relaxing.

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