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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sidelined For A Bit

My desk top computer woke up to a nasty virus this morning. I am doing a quick post, and am working to get it off. It appears to have come from an Entrecard website, so be careful, make sure your firewall is on. Somehow mine was turned off.

I would like to share this awesome free handwriting generator I found. I like it because it prints off in nice big lines for Caitlin. I use a different one for cursive for DJ. Here it is, check it out if you need handwriting help


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Wow it's happened to me twice via EC and my firewalls were on!!

Once I had to take it in to The Geek Squad as i couldn't remove it myself.

Good luck. I hope to see you up and running soon!!
Big hugz,

Melissa said...

Jackie I finally got it off, but that was very time consuming, and not one bit enjoyable.

Femmepower said...

Oh that's nasty. It has happened to me too while blog-hopping. I always have my virus protection on so no damage has been done.Hope you get rid of the virus fast.

Melissa said...

Well it wasn't fast, but it is gone.

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