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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Simple Saturday Recipe

Do you need a nice, easy, cool drink your kids, and friends will love? If you said yes, then this is the recipe for you. My kids had this last year for Thanksgiving, and they loved it. We are having friends this year, with young kids, and I will make it again. You can use any combination you want, if they don't like one of the ones listed.

You will need:

1 carton 64 ounces orange juice, chilled
6 cans, 12 ounces each, of creamed soda, chilled
1 bottle, 2 liters, lemonade
1 pint of pineapple juice, chilled

In a large punch bowl, combine the OJ, lemonade, and cream soda. Top with sherbet, and serve immediately. It won't last long, trust me, you might want to have extra on hand to make more LOL. It makes 16-20 4 oz servings. Enjoy!


online writer said...

I know it's a shame but I honestly don't know what a cream soda is.I'm gonna check it out at the supermarket.Hope i won't look so idiot,lol.

Melissa said...

It is not as common as it used to be, and I can't explain the flavor. You could always use Sprite, or Gingerale if you don't have cream soda.

betchai said...

oh, i can just imagine how good this would be melissa. i believe you, it would be gone fast :)

Melissa said...

Adults like it too.

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