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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Step 5 Of The Writing Process: Publishing Your Work

Ok so you have gone through all the other four steps. Now you are on to step five, one final edit, and publishing your paper. Probably the easiest step. Go over one last time, and make any final edits needed for grammar, and spelling. Then just turn your paper in, if it is a school assignment, or have it published. The definition of publishing is the way you present your finished work to others. Your final work can be written out, or typed, which is the preferred method these days. It should be neat, and easy to read.

If you are publishing orally, it is an oral presentation. Be prepared before you start your oral presentation. Make note cards, practice what you will say, and speak clearly, and loud enough for everyone to hear. Use visuals such as charts, graphs, pictures, or other illustrations that help make your point. Be sure to know if your audience is formal, or informal, so you can follow the speaking style.

Speaking presentations, have always been my least favorite. I am very comfortable writing out my thoughts, and arguments, but very uncomfortable in front of groups. At one point I was a BLS Instructor, and I had to give oral presentations. This was a way of forcing myself to be comfortable with public speaking. While this tactic will not work for everyone, it is something to consider.


betchai said...

i too am more of a listener, than speaker. but i actually enjoy speaking in front, thus, when no one raises their hand to speak, i would. but if a lot would want to talk talk talk, i rather listen.

Melissa said...

You and I are so much alike. Maybe you are my long lost twin, they say everyone has one LOL.

Femmepower said...

I'm exposed to speaking in public because I used to host events like concerts,parties,etc. Influenced by my past job as a radio broadcaster,I'm not so shy in speaking before a large audience.But I haven't been hosting for 2 years now so I might have butterflies in my stomach again in my next hosting job this November.I'm afraid I'll have to prepare a good script on this one.

Melissa said...

Oh good luck, I am sure you will do fine.

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