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Friday, April 21, 2017

Caitlin's First Puppy and Dog Youtube Video

As we come up on our fourth quarter, I start to think about the next school year.  DJ will be a senior next year, and he will be doing most of his classes on FLVS.  Easy for him next year.  He probably will do Japanese on Time4Learning, and History with me.  He wants to do Greek Mythology, and FLVS doesn't offer that.

Caitlin will be doing a whole year of Weather, for her Science.  For technology, and whatever else I can relate to it she will be making videos.  She will start with educational videos on how to properly care for a rabbit.  We will move on from there.  Her first video is below, of our new puppy and other two dogs.  As part of her Math class, and learning a skill, marketing etc she has joined in my Etsy shop and will be creating loom rubber band ankle bracelets, and bracelets.  You can see her first item, here.

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