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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did You Get Everything Done In Time?

Like many of you, I ran around yesterday cleaning, cooking, baking, preparing, and finishing last minute shopping. I even managed to get my stocking stuffers purchased. I still have to vacuum this morning, and clean the bathroom, not a big deal, as they are kept clean already. I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and to remind you to be thankful today for all that you have. I know sometimes we get preoccupied with all the things we want, or want to do. But remember to be thankful for all that you already have, and have done. You could always not have them, and you never said Thank You.

I have another interesting Turkey sandwich idea, for all those Turkey leftovers. Put roast turkey, cranberry cream cheese, lettuce, and chopped pecans all in a pita, and have a sandwich delight. You can make the cranberry cream cheese, by just using that leftover cranberry sauce no one actually eats, and mixing it with some cream cheese. Sounds yummy.

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