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Friday, November 21, 2008

A New Refrigerator, Crazy Dog, and Wow It Is Freezing, Thanksgiving For The Needy

We finally had to break down and buy a new refrigerator. The other one was not completely dead, but it was not cooling effectively. The nice new, shiny refrigerator was delivered last night, and it is so nice. It is black, so of course it does not match my stove, but that will be on the budget list for next year. This refrigerator, lasted 20 years, so it isnt like it did not get its money worth.

With the new refrigerator, my dog is acting crazy. He is still young, and does not like change, or new things. He is just pacing back and forth, and watching it like it is going to get him or something. It is kind of funny, but I am afraid he is going to never get used to it.

It is freezing here in North Florida. It does get occasionally cold, but it is extremely early, and lasted quite a long time. It is not even technically winter yet. Anyway, about 2 months ago, I blogged about how Propane was 4.48 a gallon, and we got 50 gallons. I figured with gas prices coming down, that Propane too would have come down. So I called our company, the other day, and they told me it went up to 4.88 a gallon. I could not believe it, so I told them I was going to call around and get comparisons. We found a company, that was half of our company, so we called them back to make discussions. They said they could come down to as low as 3.85 per gallon, and that if we left them, they would charge all these discontinuation fees. So my husband and I discussed it, and for now we will stay with them, as it would cost us more not to. Since we only need about 45 gallons to have a full tank, it is the better option right now. I will be looking for others though next year. I do not like being bullied, and I do not like feeling forced to do something.

It seems like everything in this state, is a battle. Nothing ever seems fair, or even. I have not even got into what happened with my job yet. That was a battle and a half. I have decided, that after the new year, I will be seeking new employment. I got my requested days off, but I also got screamed at, disrespected, threatened and bullied. I made it very clear, that I would not be treated in such a manner. I can not continue to work for a company, that is going to treat their staff in such a way. Unfortunately in this area, that behavior is very common.


Anonymous said...

HI Melissa, I do understand your point about your job, for if it were me, I would probably do so also, look for a company who could respect me. I hope you will find a better one when yu start your search this coming 2009.

Sorry to hear about your gas company. I think with your new fridge you will be able to save in energy bill, sometimes the old one does not only do their work well but also eat up so much energy.

Anonymous said...

My husband thinks the gas company is guilty of price gouging, I will have to do some more research to find out. I hope to stay at my job, of course because of my patients and peers that I actually work with. The management is the ones that need to go. We will see how the next month goes, I dont take kindly to people treating me like the rubber on their shoe.

Eryn said...

I had just been wondering if the heating gas/oil prices would be down this winter, and thinking about how much of a true blessing it would be for people if it was. I can't handle hearing about elderly widows freezing to death in their homes because they can't pay the bills.

If the gas companies are gouging, like your husband and many others think, they're going to have some serious regrets in the next life. I've never heard of discontinuation fees, even when we changed gas companies at our old place. I might call the other company and ask them about it.

I didn't mean this post to be such a downer. Hang in there, and I'm so excited about your new fridge! It'll be so nice.

Melissa said...

Oh thats ok, I love all comments. I definitely will be making more calls tomorrow, though I do not find other companies to be very helpful in these situations. I never have heard of these discontinuation fees either, so I will be investigating. I wish at the very least they would give the elderly a break when it is cold. They just can not afford those ridiculous bills.

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