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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OH Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

I thought I would share some pictures of our Christmas tree. The two with the kids, is from Christmas last year. The other is this year. This years tree, is smaller, but fits in that little corner nicely. Don't mind the toilet paper in the pic, we all had colds, and the tissues were all gone.

We have some crazy weather here lately. It is freezing one day, and then 80 the next. We are in for some severe weather, later today, and tomorrow.

Lesson Plan for 12/11/08:

Reading: Read Chapter 8 of Sunset of the Sabertooth
Writing: Draw a map for Santa, to get to your house
Health: Germs and body defense
Spelling: Lesson 12- put your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Lesson 12- write each vocabulary word, and defition 2x each
Language Arts: Adjectives, capitalization
Math: Addition and subtraction problem solving, multiplication
Spanish: Food and utensils part 2
PE: 30 minutes


Bill said...

I really enjoyed being here on your site. It is very amazing. You have done a great job here. I wish you have a very merry Christmas.

Melissa said...

Thank you Bill, and the same to you.

Anonymous said...

Cute girls!!

Melissa said...

Thank you though, one is a boy

Anonymous said...

i hope you are all feeling better now melissa. i always like the smiles of your kids.

Melissa said...

Thank you betchai. Yes we are all better, and I hope you are feeling better also.

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