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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funschool, Fall And Halloween, Lesson Plans

Yesterday, we had a little extra time at the end of the day, so DJ played games on Funschool. If you have never been to Funschool, it has tons of educational, learning games, for children. We have been using it for over a year. Caitlin plays preschool games, there as well, although she prefers Nick Jr. If you have young children, both of these sites are awesome add ons to your homeschooling, after school fun, or just plain fun.

With Fall here, the air is cooler, less humidity, the leaves are starting to fall off the trees, and of course we start thinking about Halloween. Here is a bit of trivia, that my husband told me. Gainesville, FL which is about 30 min from us, is the farthest point South where leaves fall off of trees. Points south of there, stay too warm for leaves to change, and fall off. What do your children want to be for Halloween? My son always has to pick something, that I cant just find at the local Walmart. This year, he wants to be some Yugi Oh character. I found one on ebay, and did win the bid, for a very reasonable price, so he is happy. My youngest, of course, can not decide. I have looked at several different costumes, for her, none of which she can decide on. She will be my last minute costume buyer. I still can not find any of my fall decorations, I can not imagine where they are. Over the next weeks, I will be posting some very cool Halloween recipes, craft ideas, etc. So be sure to watch for them. I will also be announcing a new contest. This time it will be for both blogs. This blog will win a free 2 month link, on the side bar. My jewelry blog, will win a ring made by me. I want it to be Fall themed, but also to increase my traffic, and readers. If anyone has any ideas, between now and Sept 30th please share.

Lesson Plans for 9/24/08

This is a half day, so the lesson plan is much shorter than usual.

Reading: Read chapter 3 of The Knight At Dawn
Spelling Lesson 4: Write each spelling word and circle the consonants
Vocabulary Lesson 4: Think of a synonym for each vocabulary word
Math: Multiplication, sums and differences


Aunt Lee said...


Here's a teacher- maintained site of online Halloween activities and downloadable lesson plans:

There's math, reading, puzzle, and art games -- all fun, and all safe. I make every effort to ensure that the site is kid-safe.

There's a separate section of just-for-fun Halloween games -- so that you control whether the kids are playing educational or arcade games:

All the just-for-fun games are hosted on my site -- if you can see the red background, the student is on my site, where there are only fun, kid-safe games.

Aunt Lee
Texas, USA

Online typing games and lesson plans:

Angela DeRossett said...

How neat! I didn't know that about the leaves but will be sharing that with my kiddos.

This is the first year we've actually seen a progression in leaves changing color--our first real fall after living in the south for all of our lives. Typically they just fall off when it reaches the cold temps...being further north now it is amazing to see it happen gradually.

Anonymous said...

wow, you have great plans, melissa. will look forward to those updates.

Anonymous said...

Our dd likes to have a theme...this year she's the Fairy Godmother, ds is the prince, and ds2 is the pumpkin (from Cinderella).

Melissa said...

aunt lee thank you very much, I will be checking them all out, and bookmarking.

angela, sometimes my husband will just come out with some neat fact. He would be really good at Trivia games. I hope you enjoy your leaves, this year.

betchai, stay tuned, it should be fun.

signe, themed costumes, what a great idea. Caitlin has decided on a ladybug, and I did get her costume ordered yesterday.

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